Roman Provence

Organic Roman Provence Rooibos Tea

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When the Romans first recognized lavender, it was infused in their bath water. Its name is derived from lave, meaning "to wash". The story of Rooibos on the other hand starts around 1900 starts in South Africa's beautiful Cedarberg region. It was the locals and some say a Chandler who might have been on vacation that first discovered the fine needle like leaves of the wild Aspalathus Linearis plant that made a very tasty aromatic tea. South Africa's Cape Province is the only place where Rooibos grows in its natural state. Rooibos contains no caffeine and those that consume Rooibos have claimed that is has a soothing effect on headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns and digestive problems. It takes 18 months for C3 Chandlers to procure after which they are harvested into the characteristic flavors and & sweet aromas.