Irish Breakfast

Organic Irish Breakfast Black Tea

Our Price: $29.95


Do you need a STRONG cup of tea? Stop right here is what the Irish will tell you. The Irish drink more tea per capita, roughly 6 cups a day or 7 lbs a year. They love their tea & they love it strong. The traditional Irish brew relies heavily on full bodied & very malty teas from Assam in NE India. The infusion is thick & rich when blended with a little milk & sugar. Think of a thick head of Irish Stout.
C3 Chandlers is pleased to offer this fantastic Organic version of the pride of Ireland. A heady blend of some of the worlds finest organic black teas, the cup is malty & profound. So, the next time you fry up breakfast or take some time reading a quiet book, make C3 Chandlers Irish Breakfast tea your companion.