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Caring for Our Environment. Crystal Candle Company
(C3 Chandlers) products are created with the finest essential and fragrance oils.
Our waxes are non-petroleum renewable resources made from 100% Soy Beans grown here in the USA.
While we must use natural resources, we strive to be respectful and appreciative for the Earth's bounty. Our ingredients are grown from rich fertile soils and turned into biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable products that encourages growth without depletion.

All Crystal Candle Company
(C3 Chandlers) candles are hand poured with only the highest grade of pure essential oils, then each candle receives a hand placed Crystal embedded in the top of every candle, before they are Imprinted with Love and Wellness Frequencies from our Cold Press Laser. When our candles are lit, they release the proper frequency associated with each individual candle.

We are the home of the Crystal in the Candle.

Veteran Owned & Operated