Breath of Jasmine

C3 Chandlers Organic Breath of Jasmine Green Tea. Organic Green Tea. C3 Chandlers Loose Leaf Tea!

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Chandlers traveling the new world in the early 18th century searched for decades, before coming upon a majestic region deep in the mountains of China. They told tales of where Jasmine grows naturally and is so bountiful that the Breath of Jasmine fragrance seems to just roll down from high above in the mountains to cover the entire valley below. When they reached the bottom of the valley, they stood looking up at the hillside in the middle of the most luscious Organic Green Tea fields, while being blown away with its gentle breezes of pure Jasmine bliss rolling down over them.
Our Chandlers being blown away by the story, went back to their workshop and started to dry their own green tea leaves with hot air, while placing fresh jasmine petals in front of fans, thus the luxurious tea absorbs the Jasmine fragrance thru its gentle breezes of pure Jasmine bliss. This tea produces a cup that has a floral aroma and flavor with a liquor that is lightly sweet and very smooth, making this tea a sensual pleasure to drink.
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