Fire Fly Chai

C3 Chandler Fire Fly Organic Chai Tea

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As the story goes, it was early 500 B.C., a Chandler was maybe exploring deep in the wild jungles of the South African Mountains after a trip down from the heart of India gathering exotic spices. Finding himself surrounded by fields of luscious naturally growing beautiful Rooibos plants, he knew then something had to be done. After speaking with the local tribal leader Nakbe, the eager Chandler immediately gathered some locals. They started to gather up the rooibos plant to mix along side of some other secret ingredients from his satchel like Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black & White pepper, Ginger, Clove and even a little Nutmeg before mixing in some hot water. It was then, with a big swig and a slap on the table, a thick bowl of white fluffy sticky marshmallow looking stuff flew in the air and into his cup. The Chandler then took another swig, raised his cup to the GODS and declared "Let US Celebrate!!" The legend told here is what some still say is where the very first Fire Fly Chai Tea Latte may have been born.
Today Our Chandlers seek out only the best Rooibos in the new world. Then mixing in the rest of the secret ingredients, they create the most exquisitely full bodied Fire Fly Chai Tea. Which has evolved into the hot intoxicating liquid and aroma we have today.
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