At The Waterfront

Herbal Tea At The Waterfront

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While a Chandler was enjoying a day at the beach, with sea birds overhead, warm breezes blowing in off the water and fishing boats putt-putting out to the great depths. He was pondering what would make a great companion to such a wonderful day on the waterfront, but a Waterfront herbal tea! In so doing this Chandler conjured up the feeling of the waterfront into a most luxurious cup of tea. If we may, let us take the time to dissect this amazing tea, you will not be disappointed.
Our C3 Chandlers have broken it down into; Spearmint: Native to Europe and parts of Asia, natural health practitioners believe that spearmint produces a calming effect on the digestive system. Peppermint: The world's oldest medicine, which was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians as a stimulant tonic. Rosebuds: Roses have been used to flavor beverages since the ancient Egyptians. C3 Chandlers believe their addition adds subtle floral notes reminiscent of late summer. Hibiscus: The petals have been used to make herbal teas from Mexico to the Sudan. Osmanthus: One of the C3 Chandlers favorites, a highly fragrant flower. All by itself, it produces a rich floral cup. Camomile: Which has been grown in Egypt since the days of the pharaohs. Known to aid digestion and create a feeling of well-being. And last but not least the Honeybush: which the leaves produce a sweet, honey-ish tea. Similar in character to Rooibos, with added sweetness.

When the C3 Chandlers put all the above together, you've got an amazing cup of herbal tea, transporting you to waking up at the waterfront. Enjoy!
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