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It was the early 19th Century, when a young C3 Chandler was high up in the Tibetan mountains searching for the purest of pure lavender flowers for their new candle line. It was then that a fluke July blizzard blew in. With no where to turn, the Chandler saw a Happy Mound (Burial Plot) in the near distance . Rushing to beat the storm, he unwrapped his poncho from his pack and flung it over the top of himself. As the storm ragged on outside, he propped himself up next to the happy mound. With his legs crossed, a book of matches and one C3 Chandlers candle, he lit his candle. He waited out the storm while chewing on some jerky and drinking green tea he had procured earlier in his trip up the mountain. The young Chandler caught alone in the dark sang songs all night to keep his spirits high.

He awoke to find himself with many feet of snow piled up around him. As he punched through the heavy wet packed snow, he found himself looking down over the most luscious fields of Tibetan Lavender any human Chandler had ever seen.

The moral to this story is:
Whether it be reading a good book, singing songs, drinking a great tea, a great meal, a date or any emergency:
Don't get stuck without a C3 Chandlers Organic soy Candle...or should we say 4 candles...

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